Fall 2021

November 11 (Thursday), 4pm: Alessandra Von Burg (Communication, Wake Forest University)
“Environmental Refugees and Rhetorical non-place-ness”

Spring 2022

January 26 (Wednesday), 12pm: Joy Harjo (Poet Laureate of the United States). Co-sponsored.
Reading Group of Poet Warrior (2021).
To register, please email Lucas Johnston (johnstlf@wfu.edu) by December 15th. To attend Joy Harjo’s public lecture, register here.

March 30 (Wednesday), 3.30pm in Greene Hall 162
Shige Oishi (Psychology, University of Virginia)
“What is a good life? A happy life, a meaningful life, or something else?”

April 7 (Thursday), 4pm: Tess Wise (Politics, Wake Forest University) in Kirby Hall B04
“Neoliberal Hidden Welfare and America‚Äôs Racialized Political Economy”